The Ripple of Love

International Life Coach

Motivational Speaker



Have you felt despair, that your life spirals out of control, like riding a rollercoaster of emotions?

Have you suffered let downs by the ones you love, leaving you helpless and hurt?

Would you like for all your unhappiness, frustration, guilt, shame, betrayal, unbearable pain, hate, uncertainty to be ALL wiped out in seconds?

How so?  You ask.

Inevitable change is coming, and if you are ready, your new amazing life is just beginning.

It is time to wake up and truly LIVE.

International Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Hellena Bazan, brings to you the powerful formula to awaken the biggest power you are holding within you NOW.

It has been dormant, but it has always been there, it’s all YOU, the real YOU!

In this must-read book, you will learn the strategies to become the positive change the world so much needs.

You will discover the huge potential you have to awaken the giant you truly are!

You will meet a brand new you, one that chooses Love, Joy and Happiness over everything else.

The big bright Sun is out!! It is time to wake up!!!

About Us

This space was created for you to find insight and for you to know how worthy and beautiful you are just by being YOU. It is for you to find self empowerment and to increase your level of self love. 

This space is to expand The Ripple of Love across the world and beyond.

Help me help YOU by sharing your love and spreading the LOVE by vibrating LOVE and above!!! 

We all have to choice to be how we want to be, our joy, our happiness our love is there, it is just a matter of releasing it by having the true will of being LOVE!!! 

Set your intentions to be the beacon in your community, a flashlight in the world’s current darkness. Together in unison! Let me help you flourish and help me help. 

At the end we are all ONE, made out of starlight and LOVE!!! 

LOVE always and in all ways, 

Hellena Bazan (Life Coach)